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Hey I'm Jam! I post at am and talk about my cat Muffin! Dav & Jo are the loves of me life!!!

I slam pizzas around for $$$ and play cardfight vanguard once every 4 months to keep the blood fresh. I also play mabinogi and minecraft every now and then.

I also make things, like art or music rarely.

Please don't follow me if you're under 18. I don't post nsfw or anything but I like posts that may have tiddies. If my twitter is locked, all follow rq will be denied. I'm just trying to avoid my coworkers!

Need a dnf/warning list? Look here.

Fun facts about me:

  1. I'm a Capricorn-Sun Aquarius-Moon/Rising force of nature and... I don't actually know how that applies to my life at all. But all galaxy-stellar-astrologic knowledge concerned, I am a mermaid!

  2. I'm polyamorous! I love both of my partners Dav and Jo a whole lot and I will fight you otherwise.

  3. I am embarrassed-ly obsessed with bunnies and wolves.

  4. Do you like Bravely Default? I love Bravely Default. Hell, I LIVE Bravely Default. Have you seen Bravely Default 2? In this essay I will

  5. I'm a huge card collector!

  6. I know about 10 different coding languages but my foolish mortal brain-lump only likes the Web-based ones

  7. I've owned over 20 websites! Of nonsense!

Fruits BasketKimetsu no YaibaBravely Default.hack//Cardfight! VanguardBandoriTouhouKino no TabiHouseki no KuniIDOLM@STERFunamuseaVocaloidMiraculousNieR: Automata... and a lot more.

I talk a lot of nonsense and much about nothing. I'm not online to avoid things I like, I'm here to relax from the hell of reality. That said, Please read this part carefully & throughly:

  1. I have RTs blocked on twitter, so any big RTed event will probably pass me by.

  2. If you're racist, a TERF, lgbtq/sogi-phobic (INCLUDING nonbinary/aro/ace), against human rights, or just a plain asshole cause its fun: I'll block you. How'd you even get here?

  3. Most likely, I am not going to be caught up in what creator did this and that wrong today; I'm wary of callouts and, unless there's research to back up the claim, I normally ignore them/won't RT them.

  4. I do rt/reblog politics sometimes.

  5. I don't condone fandom* hatred. If you don't like something, cool! If you don't like something and attack someone for it/try to rally against that person, not cool! This goes hand-in-hand with the callout point: I'll probably block you.

* Since I worry what can be defined as fandom can be skewed: This last point only concerns things such as ships, characters or series. Ex. liking a villain character, NOT incest, pedo bs ect.

I recently RTed something I thought aligned with this point but they also tried to include sht that ain't right.

With warnings concerned, I think the worst things I post are: loud volume memes (those bass boosted ones, bugs (moths usually), and politics. I post horror too but rarely!

Hopefully that covers the criteria you're looking for. I'll probably update this as time goes on.

Remember that you and I are human (or at the very least, linked to a human vessel), and as such we are nothing but experiences built upon failures and mistakes. That is how we learn:
No one is perfect. You can only be you.

If someone does something wrong: teach them that what they did was wrong and show them how they can better themselves. Do not mock them; Let them apologize. Let them learn from their mistake. If they refuse to learn, then block them and walk away. We can only be judged by our character.

Love yourself.
Accept yourself.
Do good recklessly!

latest as of Jan 12, 2020.

this is so sad alexina play despacito

Hi! I play Mabinogi from time to time so heres my little mabi page.
My Main is Sonjane on Nao but i also play as Annalysse on Nao and Florinna on Alexina (very rarely)